You can master the art of acrylic painting video series 1 "Fishing boat by the Sunset II "

Video Length: 2 hours and 45 minutes


Colors used:

Hansa yellow medium

Titanium white

Violet oxide

Cadmium orange

Cerulean blue deep

Cadmium yellow medium

Naples yellow hue

Quinacridone violet

Regular gel matte

Heavy body acrylic medium

Chromium oxide green

Cerulean blue chromium

Cobalt turquoise 

Quinacridone crimson

Titanite yellow 

Cadmium yellow dark

Quinacridone magenta

Cadmium red light

Vat orange

Primary yellow 

Light violet

Light ultramarine blue 

Dioxazine purple 

Phthalo green blue shade 

Acrylic glaze


In this exclusive video lesson, Leon Devenice shows us his painting process from start to finish. 


Leon Devenice covers:

Under Painting

Over Painting

Shadow and Space 

Color combinations

Warming and cooling down colors 

point of interest

How to blend colors and add layers by using Acrylic glaze liquid 


How to work with reflections shadows and form

Impressionistic techniques that will take your work to another level 

Color Harmony



And much more....



This video lesson is delivered via a dropbox download link after the payment is made and the files can be downloaded to your desktop or mobile phone.


Here is the image of the finished painting


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